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msg0 June 15, 1999 All Dick Steinberg This Bulletin Board
msg1 November 11 All R.W. Jim Holmes Whitman Winter Fest
msg2 January 11, 2002 All Wor. Ron Hawkins Octoberfest
msg3 August 9, 2001 All Wor. John Deitrick CHIP at Edaville
msg4 August 28, 2001 All R.W. Art Richardson District Church Servicel

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June 15, 1999
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To: All
Subject:  This bulletin board
From: Dick Steinberg, John Cutler Lodge, Bulletin Board Monitor

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Remember, subjects should be relevant to the interests of the Brockton 29th Masonic District.  No advertising (except of lodge sponsored activities).  No items for sale, or such will be accepted.  (Some exceptions may be made for lodge regalia, furniture, etc.)

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November 11, 2001
From: R. W. Jim Holmes
Subject: Whitman Winter Fest

Brethren, On December 1st the National Flag Truck will be in Whitman to assist in their Winterfest 2001. The theme for this years Winferfest is “Patriotic”. I have asked Marc Valentine to participate and he has agreed. He will be bringing four of the National Flags to be unfurled on Washington St. He has asked as many Masons as possible to be present and I informed him that the District would help him out. This is a great way to show the citizens of Whitman what Masonic Pride is.As now more of the particulars I will post them.
Jim Holmes

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October 9, 2001
To: All
From: Wor. Ron Hawkins
Subject: An Octoberfest celebration in February

The Brockton 29th Masonic District will be holding an OctoberFest on February 15, 2002, at the Sons of Italy Hall on Market Street in Rockland.  Featured will be the King Ludwig Bavarian Band, authentic German food, dancing, and lots of fun for all.  The tickets will be $25/pp and each person will recieve a commemerative toasting mug.  The hours are from 7:00 P.M. to Midnight.  Tables can be reserved by calling Wor. Ron Hawkins 781 871-4311.

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August 9, 2001
From: John Deitrick
CHIP at Edaville

There will be a CHIP held at Edaville Railroad on October 14th fro  10:00A.M. to 5:00 P.M. on October 14, 2001.  John Deitrick (508 586-4201) is the coordinator.

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August 28, 2001
From: Art Richardson
Subject District Church Service

Brethren, on Sunday, October 28, 2001, we will be holding a District Church Service at Union Congregational Church in East Bridgewater. We have done this on several other occasions and had a great turnout. We will, weather permitting, march one mile from the center of East Bridgewater to the church starting at 9:15/9:20 AM. I am asking for men who would like to take part in the service to give me a ring or email ASAP. Time is flying!  As is the custom, regular dress suits, officers' aprons and collars or plain white aprons, no pocket jewels. Wives and family members are more than welcome, always. Tel. 508-378-7009 email

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September 20, 2000
Display until October 28, 2000
From  John Detrick, Awareness Officer
Subject Awareness Officers' Meeting

Item removed

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September 21, 2000
Display until October 9th
From Nancy Whalen, Rainbow Girls' Camp Director
Subject Rainbow Girls' Camp Work Weekend

Item removed

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October 3, 2000
Display until November 13, 2000
From Rick Austin
Subject Family Visit to Plimouth Plantation

Item deleted on 12/8/2000

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