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The District Deputy’s Minute

November 2002

My Brothers,

Can you believe it, 2002 is almost in the history books. We have two months left to do all the projects we planned for 2002.

I want to make everyone aware of the very special Masonic Forum this month. Wor. John Howard, chairman of the Forum, will be holding a public forum at the Whitman/Hanson High School, 600 Franklin St., Whitman on Thursday, November 21st. The reason is to introduce CHIP to the communities of Whitman, Hanson, Abington, Rockland and West Bridgewater. The Whitman/Hanson and West Bridgewater School Committee's have given permission for CHIP to brought into their schools. The guest speakers for the evening will be John & Magi Bish, parents of abducted 16 year old Molly and Dr. David Harte, state director of CHIP. What an opportunity to let the community see what we do as a Fraternity. This is a tremendous Masonic Awareness program. Please talk to your friends and neighbors and bring them to the Whitman/Hanson High School on Thursday, November 21st to hear these very inspirational speakers.

On Tuesday, November 26th I will be holding my last official visit as District Deputy. I think back to the training class we attended, to prepare us as District Deputies, the instructors told us to enjoy our time, because the two years will fly by. Well they were right! This last Official Visit will be to Saint George Lodge, it will be held at 279 Prospect St., Brockton, and I invite one and all to attend. For more information, please give me a call at 781-447-0501 (days).

I would like to thank everyone who attended the 'Ladies Appreciation Night' in October. The crowd was not as large as I had hoped for, however, a good time was had by all that attended.

As I had mentioned in a previous message, R.W. Arthur Richardson has resigned as the editor of the New Dodge Report. The word was put for someone to take over as the editor, Bro. Steve Yeager has stepped up and accepted the challenge. Steve has stated that he is looking forward to this job and will continue the fine tradition of the New Dodge Report. To the Master's and Secretaries, the report is only as timely as the information that you give the editor. Take due notice.