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By convention the first file loaded from a web site, unless otherwise specified, is the file named index.htm(l). The file called index.html at this site is a frameset that divides the screen into four horizantal sections.








The index2.html is also a frameset and divides the second horizontal frame described above and named “window” into three additional frames. It first divides the frame “window” into two parts vertically, the first part being 30% and the second 70%. The first part is divided equally horizontally into two frames . The resulting three frames are described below.









page1.html is actually the “home” page of the web site. It contains links to all of the other sections of the site. Most of the links are straightfoward links to other pages. I will discuss only the “unusual” links in this section.




This brings us to the Site Index table which includes the links to the various portions of the site. Most of them are straight links to other files, but tw0, “District Calendar” and”Deputy's Comments” are not. This link to “open_” files.





DISTRICT OFFICERS This is simply a link to the file organization.html. Since no target is specified it appears in the same frame as page1.html, namely window2.The file simply provides a list of the District Officers. It is a table, but without borders.

DISTRICT LODGES is a link to the file lodges.html. Again no target is specified so it also appears in the frame window2 The file lodges.html displays a tabular list of the lodges in the District in order of seniority. The information provided about each lodge is the name, nominal location, the date constituted, meeting place (with a link to a map showing that location), and date of its regular communication. There are two links for each lodge. Clicking on the name will bring you to the lodge's home page and clicking on the meeting place will bring up the aforementioned map. Again all of these links are displayed in frame window2. The home pages for the individual lodges are stored in the folder lodges except for John Cutler's which is located at


VISITATIONS SCHEDULE is a link to the file visitations.html which simply displays a list of the fraternal and official visitations by date. Again this appears in frame window2.


D.D.G.M's CALENDAR is a link to the file ddgm01.html, which incidentally is maintained by Jim himself. It lists the events which he feels should be on his calendar. This information appears in frame window.


MASONIC FORUM is a link to forum.html and lists all of the information about this year's Forum. This also appears in the frame window.


BULLETIN BOARD links to the file bullbrd.html which displays the District's bulletins. It appears in frame window2 (I am seriously considering removing this from the link and replacing it with notices ala Coming Events in the District.) The file will be displayed in the frame window2.


OTHER LINKS is a link to links.html which displays in the frame window. links.html is a Java Script file which displays the URl and some information about the link sothat the user knows something about it before he brings it up. As the name of the link implies these are all links to other web sites.


BLOODMOBILES is a link to bloodmobile.html which lists the bloodmobiles being sponsored by Masonic Lodges in the District. It appears in the frame window2.


MESSAGE CENTER is a link to disareas.html. which explains about the facility and gives links to the two current message boards we have, general and district secretaries. The message centers are provided by Quick Topic which provides a very convenient service which fits our needs very well. More about Quick Topic later when I discuss some of the applications we're using.


E-MAIL is an e-mail link to the D.D.G.M. currently R.W, Jim Holmes


DISTRICT E-MAIL DIRECTORY is a link to directory.html. This is a Java Script written by Dick Steinberg specifically for this web site. See APPLICATIONS below for a full description.




There are four applications used by this web site. They are htmlcal, Quick Topic, directory, and devent.


devent on the lower left hand of the screen you are shown the district event for that day and the next event on the district. This is produced by the Java Script contained in devent.html. This script was written by Dick Steinberg especially for this web site. The heart of this script is the database which is contained in the javascript array E which has 12 elements (or strings), one for each month of the year. It should be noted that all javascript arrays begin with the zero'th element, represented as E[0] in this case. Consequently the first string, E[0] contains the event data for the month January and the string contained in E[11] contains the events for December. Since ususally only two months (at most) come in to consideration, this month and the next, which year each string represents depends entirely on the date.


Events are coded in each string as follows:

each event starts with an ~. I believe that's called a tilde, or umlaut if you're writing German

the ~ is followed (without a space) with the date of the event ( day only). Thus the fourth would be represened by ~4 and the twenty-fourth by ~24. Note that ~04 is an error which will cause the program to fail.

after the date, or day of the month more accurately, comes a space followed by the event, such as John Cutler Lodge<BR>Regular Communication. Note that this part of the string is interpreted as HTML code, thus the <BR> which, in HTML, means horizontal break.thus the event will print out as:

John Cutler Lodge

Regular Communication


This ability to insert HTML commands in your event descriptions leads to many possibilities. I, for example, use it to insert images, and links and to make changes in the font output.

Examples of using HTML commands in the events file

.causes the words V.A. Chapel Escort Duty etc. to be printed in red


brings up an animated image of the American Flag and the words Independence Day


creates a link to the description of the June Forum Meeting, namely ***Masonic Forum


Other considerations when creating this database.


Each element in the array E is a string. That is it begins and ends with ” (double quote marks). Therefore no double quote marks can appear in the string. Instead you should use the single quote marks the apostrophe. Neither can a return (carraige return to us old timers)

appear as that will end the string. Any such mistake will cause the script to fail and no output will be produced. Neither should you enter blank dates such as ~3 District Picnic~4 ~District Ball Game. This mistake will not cause the script to fail completely, but you may get the next event reported being a null