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The District Deputy’s Minute
Rt. Wor. Richard J. Duhaine

May 2003


   On April 9th , Wampatuck Lodge held a closed CHIP event at the Wearguard Headquarters Day Care Center in Norwell under the direction of  Bro. Robert Johnson and Wor. Roy Cameron.   This was another successful CHIP event and every child we can interview can make a difference.  Thank you Wampatuck Lodge!!:):):):):):)

  We once again had a tremendous turnout at our Annual District Chip Event at the Westgate Mall.  It was a great time for all those brethren  who took time from their week to assist us in the processing and interviewing of these kids.  This kind of support for our events certainly makes our CHIP Programs the premiere events in our area.

  The Widows' Night was well attended, and judging by all the positive feedback, this may be a yearly event.  by the cards we've received the widows sure appreciate hearing from our Masonic Fraternity that their husbands loved so much.

  The Easter Bunny arrived at the Puritan Lodge on time this year.

  On May 17th and 18th, Fellowship Lodge will be running a Semi-pro Basketball Tournament with the experience of Bro. Brian McDonough.  The proceeds will benefit the food pantries within our district.

  The One Day Class on November 1 is picking up steam.  At this writing we have candidates attending from Puritan and Baalis Sanford Lodges.  There must be more candidates out there that fit the bill for this special class and may have the need to alleviate the time requirements pertaining to the degree work and the required ritual knowledge.

  Finally, this warm little verse by Brother Walter K. Belt _______________________

Be ready  with a friendly greeting,
Reserve night, when we have meetings.
Obey the Master's pleas and wishes,
Take time out to help with the dishes.
Help widows and orphans with quickness,
Ease, too, the lot of those with sickness.
Remember always to love one another,
And you'll deserve the name of Brother.