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The District Deputy’s Minute

January 2002


From the "Retiring Editor's Desk

Every two years as the new District Deputy is about to take office, there is a timing problem with publishing the Dodge Report. This is due to the fact that the Report for January is due in the printer's hands on the 1st of  December and, as all, or most of us know, no one but the GM, the new DD and his officers are supposed to know, at this point in time, who is going to be the GM's representative for the next year or two. Consequently, the editor has a single chance every two years to air his personal opinions, offer praise where it is due and to bite his tongue for other items.

My praises go to the District as a whole and to the many, many Brothers  making time sacrifices beyond the "One night a month" criteria and certainly far above and beyond what they had expected to be doing in Freemasonry. Stories abound about new Brethren fascinated with the ritual they heard  during their degrees and making promises to themselves that they just might be able to do that, too. And do it they did with a lot of hard work that somehow finds time to worm its way in between the 40 hour work week, the kids soccer and baseball games, dance recitals, window washing, basement cleaning and still they find time for the single most important person in their lives, their wives. The wives of this district hold a candle to no one! Without their support, we, the District and Freemasonry would be sore pressed to make our Fraternity click. The ladies get my vote, hands down.

This is the last letter I'll be writing for the Dodge Report as Bro. Stephen Yeager will assume editorial duties as of this January notice. I fully expect he will make some changes, as change is as much a part of us as the sunrise. I also expect that the Masters and the new DD will help Stephen as he tries to gather that information we all need to perform our visitations and other Districtwide events.

Thank you to the Deputies I have served under for their understanding of the deadlines for their input. I know how busy they are and sincerely appreciate their caring. A special thank you to Wor. Jim Paiva for his continuing contribution towards the printing of the New Dodge Report.