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The "backslash r" is used to initiate a new line in the display on screen. The",,!!" terminates and item*/ rcrd[0]=" A 2 names" +"\rAIKENS, Jim, John Cutler Lodge, {}, Bro.,,,,,!!" +"\rAUSTIN, Rick, Puritan Lodge, {}, R.W.,,,,,!!" rcrd[1]=" B 10 names" +"\rBAILEY, Chandos, Satucket Lodge, {}, Wor., Junior Warden and Past Master, 508 378-2222, 24 Pearl Street\n E. Bridgewater MA 02333,,!!" +"\rBAINES, Thomas, John Cutler Lodge, {, Bro.,,,,,!!" +"\rBALCOM, Bob, St. George Lodge, {}, Wor., Lodge Master and DDG Secretary, 508 822-1112, 120 Church Street\n Apartment #114\n Raynham MA 02767,,!!" +"\rBARKLEY, Jon, Baalis Sanford Lodge,, Bro., Junior Warden, 508 559-8773, 108 Malvern Road\n Brockton MA 02301,,!!" +"\rBARTON, Glen, St. George Lodge, {}, Rev. Bro,,,,,!!" +"\rBAZARIAN, David, St. George Lodge,, Wor., Senior Warden and Past Master, 508 584-8455, 99 Keene Street\n Brockton MA 02301,,!!" +"\rBERNARD, Ernest, Wampatuck Lodge, {}, Bro., Senior Deacon,,,,!!" +"\r BRIGGS, David, Wampatuck Lodge,, Bro., Treasurer, 781 293-3054, 85 Thompson Street\n Halifax MA 02338,,!!" +"\rBUOTTE, Bob, Satucket Lodge, {}, Wor., Past Master,,,,!!" +"\rBURKE, Thomas, Paul Revere Lodge, {}, Wor.,Secretary Bay State Commandary #38,,,,!!" rcrd[2]= " C 8 names" +"\rCAMERON, Roy, Wampatuck Lodge, {},Wor., Lodge Ritualist and Inside Sentinel, 781 871-2570, 9 Townsend Street\n Rockland MA 02370,,!!" +"\rCAREY, Charles, St. George Lodge, {}, Wor, Past Master,,,,!!" +"\rCARPENTER, Bob, John Cutler Lodge, {}, Wor., Past Master,,,,!!" +"\rCHAFFEE, Phil, Fellowship Lodge, {}, Wor., Past Master,,,,!!" +"\rCHASE, Paul, John Cutler Lodge, {}, R.W., Lodge Secretary, 781 878-9215, 254 Plymouth Street\n Abington MA 02351,,!!" +"\rCLEMENT, W. Bruce, John Cutler Lodge,, Bro., Junior Warden, 781 447-4052, 28 Harvard Street\n Whitman MA 02382,,!!" +"\rCRAIG, Robert, John Cutler Lodge, {}, Bro.,,,,,!!" +"\rCUSICK, Richard, Baalis Sanford Lodge, {}, Wor., Senior Warden and Past Master, 508 559-0475, 63 Sinclair Road\n Brockton MA 02302,,!!" rcrd[3]=" D 6 names" +"\rDARLING, Lowell, John Cutler Lodge, {}, Bro.,,,,,!!" +"\rDAMON, Randall, Fellowship Lodge,, Br., Junior Warden, 508 697-7500, 73 Freemont Street\n Bridgewater MA 02324,,!!" +"\rDENNEHEY, Thomas, John Cutler Lodge,, Wor., Lodge Master, 781 878-0660, 288 North Avenue\n Abington MA 02351,,!!" +"\rDOTEN, E. Lawrence, John Cutler Lodge,, Bro., Senior Warden, 781 681-9167, 129 Walnut Street\n Abington MA 02351,,!!" +"\rDUHAINE, Richard J., Puritan Lodge, {}, Wor., Lodge Asst. Secretary and 2nd Vice President of the Forum,,,,!!" +"\rDUNHAM, Alan, Paul Revere Lodge,, Bro., Senior Warden, 508 587-1472, 22 Pond Street\n Avon MA 02322,,!!" rcrd[4]=" E 2 names" +"\rELZ, Ron, John Cutler Lodge, {}, Bro.,,,,,!!" +"\rERICKSON, Craig, Puritan Lodge,, Bro., Junior Warden, 781 878-3434, 83 Pacific Street\n Apartment #2\n Rockland MA 02370,,!!" rcrd[5]=" F 3 names" +"\rFIELDS-BERRY, Shawn, Satucket Lodge,, Wor., Lodge Master, 508 378-9650, 455 Belmont Street\n E. Bridgewater MA 02333,,!!" +"\rFOSTER, Francis E., Satucket Lodge, {}, Wor., Lodge Secretary and Ritualist D.D.G.Treasurer and District Service Represetative, 508 378-3240, 822 Central Street\n E. Bridgewater MA 02333,,!!" +"\rFOTOPOULOS, James, St. George Lodge,, Bro., Junior Warden, 508 587-2018, 47 Bernice Avenue\n Brockton MA 02301,,!!" rcrd[6]=" G 5 names" +"\rGARDNER, John, John Cutler Lodge, {}, Bro.,,,,,!!" +"\rGEARY, Irving, John Cutler Lodge, {}, Bro., Lodge Sr. Steward,,,,!!" +"\rGOODMAN, Jim, John Cutler Lodge, {}, Bro,,,,,!!" +"\rGOODRICH, David, Paul Revere Lodge, {},Wor,Grand Patron Grand Chapter of Mass. Order of Eastern Star,,,,!!" +"\rGUSTAFSON, Donald, John Cutler Lodge, {}, Wor. Past Master,,,,,!!" rcrd[7]=" H 7 names" +"\rHAMILTON, Richard, John Cutler Lodge, {}, Bro.,,,,,!!" +"\rHAWKINS, Ron, Baalis Sanford Lodge, {}, Wor., Lodge Master and Past Master, 781 871-4311, 38 Old Farm Road\n Hanover MA 02339,,!!" +"\rHEBERT, George, Paul Revere Lodge, {},Bro., ,,,,!!" +"\rHOLMES, Jim, St. George Lodge, {}, R.W., Lodge Secretary and D.D.G.M, 781 447-0501, P.O. Box 126\n Whitman MA 02382,,!!" +"\rHOWARD, John, Baalis Sanford Lodge, {}, Wor., Lodge Treasurer 1st Vice Chairman of the Forum,,,,!!" +"\rHOWARD, Michael, Wampatuck Lodge,, Bro., Junior Warden, 508 697-3958, 493 Walnut Street\n Bridgewater MA 02324,,!!" +"\rHYDE, Thomas, Paul Revere Lodge,,Bro., Junior Warden, 508 584-3956, 486 Pearl Street\n Brockton MA 02301,,!!" rcrd[8]=" I 0 names" rcrd[9]=" J 1 names" +"\rJEPPSON, Carroll, Baalis Sanford Lodge,, Bro., Treasurer, 508 238-3359, P.O. Box 667\n South Easton MA 02375,,!!" rcrd[10]=" K 4 names" +"\rKELLAWAY, Ken, John Cutler Lodge, {}, Wor., Past Master,,,,!!" +"\rKENNEDY, Bill, Wampatuck Lodge, {}, Wor., Past Master,,,,!!" +"\rKENT, Donald, Paul Revere Lodge,, Bro., Treasurer, 508 457-1514, 3 Cea Road\n Falmouth MA 02540,,!!" +"\rKOKER, Anton Jr. 'Tony', Baalis Sanford Lodge,{},Bro.,Lodge Jr. Steward,,,,!!" rcrd[11]=" L 3 names" +"\rLANDERHOME, Carl, Baalis Sanford Lodge, {},Wor., Past Master,,,,!!" +"\rLARSEN, Dana, Satucket Lodge,, Bro., Senior Warden, 781 294-0787, 437 High Street\n Hanson MA 02341,,!!" +"\rLIBBY, John, John Cutler Lodge, {}, Bro.,Junior Steward,, 21 West Chapel St\n Abington MA 02351,,!!" rcrd[12]=" M 12 names" +"\rMAHAR, Harry, John Cutler Lodge, {}, Bro.,,,,,!!" +"\rMANOOGIAN, Ara, Putitan Lodge, {}, R.W., Lodge Treasurer and Grand Lecturer and Grand Represntative to Washington State, 781 447-2218, 453 Plymouth Street\n Whitman MA 02382,,!!" +"\rMANOOGIAN, Greg, Puritan Lodge, {}, Wor., Past Master and Blood Chairman,,,,!!" +"\rMASSEY, Doug, Paul Revere Lodge, {}, Wor., Lodge Master,508 941-6595,20 Cross Street\n Brockton MA 02301,,!!" +"\rMARAGLIA, David,Baalis Sanford Lodge,{},Bro., Senior Deacon and Blood Drive Chairman,,,,!!" +"\rMARAGLIA, Mark, Baalis Sanford Lodge, {}, Bro., Junior Deacon,,,,!!" +"\rMCDONOUGH, Brian, Fellowship Lodge,, Bro., Senior Warden, 508 588-4983, 178 Torrey Street\n Brockton MA 02301,,!!" +"\rMCDOUGALL, Robert, Puritan Lodge,, Wor., Senior Warden and Past Master, 781 871-5357, 266 Shaw Avenue\n Abington MA 02351,,!!" +"\rMILLER, Walter, Puritan Lodge,, Wor., Lodge Master, 781 871-1147, 33 Nevins Circle\n Rockland MA 02370,,!!" +"\rMILLIKEN, Fred, Paul Revere Lodge, {}, Wor., Past Master,,,,!!" +"\rMOORE, David, Fellowship Lodge, {}, Wor., Lodge Secretary and Past Master, 508 697-5445, 54 Flagg Street\n Bridgewater MA 02324,,!!" +"\rMOORE, Roger, John Cutler Lodge, {}, Wor.,Lodge Marshal and Past Master,,,,!!" rcrd[13]=" N 1 name" +"\rNOON, George, Puritan Lodge, {}, Wor., Past Master,,,,!!" rcrd[14]=" O 0 names" rcrd[15]=" P 3 " +"\rPETERSON, Stan, Puritan Lodge, {}, R.W., Lodge Secretary, 781 447-4823, 186 Franklin Street\n Whitman MA 02382,,!!" +"\rPEDRO, Stephen, Fellowship Lodge,, Wor., Lodge Master,508 866-2492,11 Bunny's Road\n Plymouth MA 02360,,!!" +"\rPIKE, Kenneth, John Cutler Lodge, {}, Bro., Treasurer, 508 866-5256, 17 Plymouth Street\n Carver MA 02330,,!!" rcrd[16]=" Q 1 names" +"\rQUIGLEY, Walter, Satucket Lodge,, Wor., Treasurer and Past Master, 508 378-3353, 8 Union Street\n E. Bridgewater MA 02333,,!!" rcrd[17]=" R 4 name" +"\rREAD, Bill, John Cutler Lodge, {}, Bro.,,,,,!!" +"\rRENNY, William,Fellowship Lodge,{},Wor., Past Master,508 243-7111,P.O. Box 111\n Bridgewater MA 02324,,!!" +"\rRICHARDSON, Art, Satucket Lodge, {}, R.W., Editor New Dodge Report,,,,!!" +"\rROBINSON, Bob,John Cutler Lodge,{},Bro.,,,,,!!" rcrd[18]=" S 6 names" +"\rSARANTOPOULIS, Jim, St. George Lodge, {}, R.W., Lodge Treasurer,508 588-6436,186 Leach Ave\n Brockton MA 02301,,!!" +"\rSTAPLES, Mark, John Cutler Lodge, {}, Bro.,,,,,!!" +"\rSTEINBERG, Dick, John Cutler Lodge, {}, Wor.,Lodge Ritualist,,,,!!" +"\rSTONE, Roger, John Cutler Lodge, {}, Bro.,,,,,!!" +"\rSTUDLEY, Bump, Wampatuck Lodge, {}, Bro., Lodge Organist,781 293-5820,,,!!" +"\rSTURTEVANT, George, Wampatuck Lodge,, Bro., Senior Warden, 781 294-8535, 45 Summit Street\n Halifax MA 02338,,!!" rcrd[19]=" T 4 names" +"\rTAYLOR, Milton,Baalis Sanford Lodge,{}, Wor., Secretary and Past Master, 508 588-0965, 67 Woodland Avenue\n Brockton MA 02301,,!!" +"\rTOWER, Bill, John Cutler Lodge, {}, Bro.,,,,,!!" +"\rTREFETHEN, Russ, John Cutler Lodge, {}, Bro,,,,,!!" +"\rTURCOTTE, Rollie, John Cutler Lodge, {}, Wor., Chaplain and Ritualist,,,,!!" rcrd[20]=" U 0 names" rcrd[21]=" V 0 names" rcrd[22]=" W 4 names" +"\rWHITE, Michael, Fellowship Lodge,, Bro., Treasurer, 508 697-8405, 38 Darleen Drive\n Bridgewater MA 02324,,!!" +"\rWINSHIP, Warren,St. George Lodge,{},Bro.,,508 697-5508,125 Deerfield Drive\n Bridgewater MA 02324-2379,,!!" +"\rWYMAN, Les, Wampatuck Lodge, {}, Bro., Lodge Secretary, 781 447-3579, 86 Tavern Way\n Hanson MA 02341,,!!" +"\rWYMAN, Phil, Wampatuck Lodge, {}, Wor., Lodge Master, 781 447-5379, 135 Spring Street\n Hanson MA 02341,,!!" rcrd[23]=" X 0 names" rcrd[24]=" Y 3 names" +"\rYOUNG, Douglas, Paul Revere Lodge,, Wor., Secretary Past Master, 508 947-3065, 181 Main Street\n Lakeville MA 02347,,!!" +"\rYOUNG, Frank, John Cutler Lodge, {}, Bro.,,,,,!!" +"\rYOUNG, Roger, John Cutler Lodge,{}, Bro.,,,,,!!" rcrd[25]=" Z 0 names" var count=0 line="" function nsearch(form) { count=0; line="" data="" var sname=form.entry.value sname=sname.toUpperCase() var alphabet="ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWCYZ" var initial = sname.charAt(0) var index = alphabet.indexOf(initial) sname="\r"+sname line="" var message="" var found=true var tempstring=rcrd[index] var pos=tempstring.indexOf(sname) if (pos<1){ message=sname+" NOT FOUND. LISTING ALL OF THE "+initial+"'s FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE." var found=false sname="\r"+initial pos=tempstring.indexOf(sname) } while(pos>0){ count=count+1 tempstring=tempstring.substring(pos,tempstring.length) var pos2=tempstring.indexOf("!!") line=line+tempstring.substring(0,pos2) if(pos2==0){ pos=0 } else{ pos=pos2 tempstring=tempstring.substring(pos,tempstring.length) pos=tempstring.indexOf(sname) } } if (count>0){ if (true==true){ var p_line="" var d_array=line.split(field_separator) i=0; while(i""){p_line=p_line+title[5]+d_array[i+5]} if(d_array[i+6]>""){p_line=p_line+title[6]+d_array[i+6]} if(d_array[i+7]>""){p_line=p_line+title[7]+d_array[i+7]+title[8]+d_array[i+8]} i=i+((d_array.length-1)/count) form.result1.value=p_line } } else{ form.result1.value=line } if(count==1&&found==true){form.message.value="THERE WAS ONE MATCH FOUND."} else{form.message.value=message+"\rTHERE WERE "+count+" MATCHES FOUND."} } else{ form.message.value="There are no names beginning with "+initial+" in the directory." } } function sendMail(){ getData(line) }

ENTER THE LAST NAME (or first few letters of the last name)...........:



You can add or modify a directory entry by e-mail. The information I need is: your last name, your first name, your e-mail address, whether you should be addressed as Bro., W. M.,  R.W.,  or whatever.  You can also include any Masonic offices or positions including committee posts you currently hold, your telephone number, and your address .  I caution you that the web site is public and you should consider this before submitting your phone number and address, but they can be included if you wish.  Send this information to me at   with the message heading "Distict Directory" Roy Cameron

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