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The District Deputy’s Minute

December 2002


Brethren: I can't believe that two years have come and gone. One of the statements that was made to us as we were being trained to be District  Deputies was, “Enjoy every moment because it will be over before you know it.”   How true. One minute I was wondering how my two years as District Deputy would go, and now I'm wondering where they went.

There have been many great moments for me over the last two years – too many to recount right now. However, two that stand out are the presenting of The Joseph Warren Medal to Rev. Bro. Glen Barton and Wor. Eaton “Skip” Elz.  These two men have shown what it means to be a Mason. I also had the honor of  presenting more than 25 Veterans Medals. These Brothers were the building blocks to the future and why we, as Masons, are here today.

This past spring the District Officers put together an event to honor the widows of the District. It was attended by more than 70 widows and 80+ Masons and guests. It was a rewarding evening for all concerned. The widows had an enjoyable evening out, reacquainting themselves with some old friends  over dinner. They also enjoyed reminiscing with Bro. Mel Simons and his Old Time Radio program. We saw many a foot tapping as he was playing some songs from their past. It was very rewarding for all of us who hosted this event  to be able to thank our widows for the many years of support they gave their husbands, our Brothers. I received many compliments on this night, and it  was talked about for several months. Many of the widows would like it to  become an annual event.

I want everyone to know that it has been an honor to be the representative of the Grand Master to this great District. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to travel throughout this District and others, meeting so many  fine Masons. I will never be able to repay the hospitality that has been shown to me. These two years as District Deputy are a memory I will always cherish.

I know you will give your support to the new District Deputy, as you have always done, when he takes office in December.

In closing, I sincerely thank my District officers and, in particular, Wor. Dick Cusick and Wor. Robert Balcom, for their support and help for the past two years. Without them, many of the projects we entered into would not have  been completed. Lastly, my sincere thanks to my wife for allowing me to take this position and for her love and understanding of the time that was involved with it.